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George Claasen 2019

Flyers page

The wonderful Run CANCELLED (AGN) 2018-12-15
  wonc01218.jpg wonc11218.jpg
Wobblers and Wigglers (CGA) 2018-12-16 8km
  wob01218.jpg wob11218.jpg
Soshanguve Great Run (Soshanguve) 2018-12-22 5km
  sos31218.jpg sos11218.jpg
Old Years Race (AGN) 2018-12-31 5/10km
  oy01218.jpg oy11218.jpg
New Year Run/Walk (AGN) 2019-01-01 5/11km
  ny0119.jpg ny1119.jpg
A4A Road Safety Race (AGN) 2019-01-05 5/10/21km
  a4a0119.jpg a4a1119.jpg
Ace Race (AGN) 2019-01-12 5/10/21km
  ace2119.jpg ace1119.jpg
N2 city Bluewater Bay (EP) 2019-01-12 5/15km
  bw0119.jpg bw1119.jpg bw2119.jpg bw3119.jpg
President Hyper Berg & Dal (CGA) 2019-01-16 5/15km
  bd0119.jpg bd1119.jpg
PWC George Claassen (AGN) 2019-01-19 5/10/21km
  pwc0119.jpg pwc1119.jpg pwc2119.jpg pwc3119.jpg
Garbie (CGA) 2019-01-20 5/15/32km
  garb0119.jpg garb2119.jpg garb3119.jpg garb1119.jpg
Wonderpark Akasia Road Race (AGN) 2019-01-26 5/10/21/42km
  wp0119.jpg wp1119.jpg wp2119.jpg wp3119.jpg
Arwyp Neon Nite Race (CGA) 2019-01-30 5/15km
  neon2119.jpg neon3119.jpg
Sasol Sasolburg (FS) 2019-02-02 4.9/10/21/42km
  sas0219.jpg sas1219.jpg sas2219.jpg sas3219.jpg
Intercare Classic Road Race (AGN) 2019-02-02 5/10/21km
  ic0219.jpg ic1218.jpg ic3219.jpg ic2219.jpg
Night Run (SWD) 2019-02-08 3/5/10km
  hc0219.jpg hc1219.jpg hc2219.jpg hc3219.jpg
Bronkhorstspruit (AGN) 2019-02-09 5/10/32km
  brnk0219.jpg brnk1219.jpg brnk2219.jpg brnk3219.jpg
Bestmed Tuks Race (AGN) 2019-02-16 1/5/10/21/42km
  tuks0219.jpg tuks1219.jpg tuks2219.jpg tuks3219.jpg
Township Marathon (CGA) 2019-02-24 4.5/10/21/42km
  ts4219.jpg ts1219.jpg ts2219.jpg ts3219.jpg
Deloitte Pretoria Marathon (AGN) 2019-02-24 10/21/42km
  del0219.jpg del1219.jpg del2219.jpg del3219.jpg
Buco Bobbies (AGN) NEW VENUE 2019-03-09 5/10/21km
  buc0319.jpg buc1319.jpg buc2319.jpg buc3319.jpg
Robor Marathon (CGA) 2019-04-28 5/10/21/42/50km
  rb0419.jpg rb1419.jpg
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